The Journey Begins

As some of you already know we have already started to work on our 3rd album. It has already a name…”XI”, as the journey begins with the 11th Sephirah, Malkuth, our plane of existence, our world. I can just say that on both first and our second album we’ve just prepared ourselves for this journey that will start with the 3rd one.

Even if our second album, “Calea” (“The Path”) is called this way, we consider it only a herald for what is about to come. Is a bridge to what comes naturally, through our work and feelings, using our souls as a prism and filter through them the music, creating sounds, states of mind and maybe feelings for you, the ones receiving our gift.

Stay tuned because there are more to come. We just re-launched our website and we will try to update you as often as we can with the state of the album, production, recordings, etc.

All the best,

Hultanu / Ashaena